The Dominus line of speaker and bi-wire cables continue to be some of the most revealing and detailed cables! The Diamond Revision keeps the slender more flexible design. The improvements in the alloy metallurgy of the core conductors gives the cables a beautifully rich and detailed sound that brings out the music like you have never heard it before!

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Custom for Your System
The audiophile aims for the highest quality and best sound possible. We offer the Dominus line in two different configurations, with customization available upon request:
Standard Speaker
Bi-Wire Speaker
These speaker cables come in a four (4) cable set, with an individual positive cable and individual negative cable for each channel.

The Dominus Speaker Cables come standard with:

Purist’s newly designed interchangeable spade/banana.
These are our best connectors yet! They are crafted from beryllium copper with silver plating and then a final gold plating.
Or, you might consider:

WBT Spades
WBT Bananas
If your system demands a custom configuration, please contact us. We’re able to custom-build to fit your needs. All Dominus Speaker Cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

With Diamond Revision, changing your spade or banana tips is even easier!

No tools or glue is required.

Unscrew the existing tip on your speaker connector by hand.
Screw on the new tip and hand tighten.

Dominus Speaker/Bi-Wire Specifications
Conductors Alloy
Metals Ag/Cu/Au
Dielectric Material F.E.P/P.E.
Gauge (effective) 7 AWG
Dampening Material Ferox
Current Capacity (DC) 82
Resistance 0.000498Ω/FT
Estimated Break-In Time 300 Hours
Cable Diameter (Speaker) 5/8 Inch
Cable Diameter (Bi-Wire) 7/8 Inch
Connector Type Purist Spade/Banana
Material Treatment Triple (3x) Cryomag©

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