Nagra hd amplifiers

The Nagra HD AMP was designed for ultimate high-end systems that are able to reproduce the music realistically. The HD AMP are mono amplifiers they can drive the most demanding speakers and transcend their performance. Comes with original flight cases. Price £50,000.00 In excellent condition

Purist audio design Dominus

Purist Audio Design Luminist revison Dominus Bi-Wire (4) lengths of cable at (2m long) Metals Ag/Cu/Au. Comes with interchangeable spades and bananas. Photo showing 1 channel Positive/Negative In excellent condition with original packaging and serial numbers. Originally retailed at £15,559.00 Price £9,335.00


Amari LP-82s turntable includes: motor unit and separate power supply unit. – Solid aluminium base – 55mm 8.2kg Aluminium Platter – Oil well and adjustable magnetic levitated bearing, ensure smooth rotation and less bearing noise. – Ceramic bearing shaft which is smooth, hard and long lasting. – External 12V AC motors with precision speed control, […]


The TUBE DAC INCLUDING BALANCED TRANSFORMERS Is designed to convert a digital signal to analog with total integrity and without introducing the slightest impurity or coloration to the original sound. This objective has been totally achieved, and sound has never reached such a true level of definition. The effort put into the design and exactitude […]


For Sale Focal Scala evo special finish graphite black and carbon fibre (ex-demo) UNDISPUTED MUSICALITY Unbelievable musicality, a beautiful design and easy to install, Scala Utopia Evo has retained all the qualities of the previous version which has been unanimously acclaimed by the most discerning audiophiles world wide. The Scala V2 takes you closer to […]


Highly acclaimed VRDS-NEO mechanism, AC power drive components, chassis construction, and cosmetics…the P-03Universal shares most of the features with the P-03. The P-03Universal also features PCM to DSD signal convert mode for CD playback. You can choose suitable digital conversion from wide range of options to match to your taste, to the recording source, to […]


Acoustical Systems Fideles MM Cartridge Introducing the fideles an all new high-end phono cartridge. Fideles“ derivates from Latin / German and stands for faithful as well as agile and lively. Unusual in this price class, the fideles features a solid advanced Titanium Timet 1100 body of unparalleled energy transfer ability and unique combination of strength […]

Audio technica at-50 mc (new)

Audio Technica AT-50 Moving Coil Cartridge 50th Anniversary Limited Edition (new) Price £1,500.00

Acoustical systems Archon mc (new)

the archon© time-aligned moving coil phono cartridge is a new design. Featuring an unique designed uni-body made from a solid block of Timet 1100 – an ultra-strength Titan-alloy. Internal liquid dampening at certain areas provides an unique energy transfer ability to conserve and bring to your ears even the finest and smallest details in sound. […]

Acoustical systems Astron mc limited edition (new)

the astron a cartridge which represents the selected very best of the archon production series. The most cartefully selected archons – picked for homogenous frequency response and extremely close matching channels – are transferred into the special housing featuring a constellar pattern handcrafted with pure 24kt Gold inlays. Inside the astron features additional dampening in […]

Acoustical systems Aiwon mc (new)

It is with quite a proud feeling of satisfaction and excitement that we present the aiwon© (ancient greek “the eternal principle of play”). This is our statement regarding low output moving coil phono cartridge design. It shares the same general architecture with it’s smaller brother – the archon©. It however displays and incorporates a bundle […]

Acoustical systems Palladian mc (new)

A recording captures a moment in time. A single event. Something that once happened in space and time. Something that happened once live. The fact – and sense – that most every recording contains music once created actually in something we call live is all too often missing when we play back that recording. When […]

Focal clear mg (new)

OPEN-BACK HEADPHONES FOR THE HOME The gold standard in Focal open-back headphones, Clear Mg delivers outstanding sound performance and sophisticated, design-led features. Made in France, these top of the range headphones incorporate exclusive Focal technologies, the result of cutting-edge research in acoustics and Focal savoir-faire. The speaker drivers are composed of a unique magnesium cone, […]

Focal bathys wireless headphones (new)

TRAVEL IN HIGH-FIDELITY Bathys wireless headphones incorporate Bluetooth® 5.1 and Active Noise Cancellation technologies. With two noise cancellation modes – a “Silent” mode optimised for travel with high ambient noise, and a “Soft” mode that promotes concentration – this technology offers perfect sound insulation. A “Transparency” mode is also available to connect the user with […]

Acoustical Systems Aquilar tonearm incl silver phono lead 1.2m rca (ex-dem)

Acoustical Systems Aquilar tonearm 10” with the direct to phono 1.2m silver arm-lead RCA. Comes with setup protractor and original metal box. SALE PRICE £9,500.00 (ex-dem)

Acoustical Systems Aquilar incl silver phono lead 1.2m rca (NEW)

To create an all-new superior 10″ tonearm design – which also should be easy to mount on all turntables thanks to the slightly reduced effective length. We have succeeded. Introducing … the AQUILAR – the all-new 10” reference tonearm Immediate audible outperforming all other tonearms except the AXIOM. the AQUILAR (origin from ancient latin “aquila” […]

Axiom anniversary xx limited edition Matt black incl phono lead (new)

Axiom Anniversary XX limited edition (33) Matt black including direct to phono silver lead 1.2m RCA Sale Price £29,750.00 (NEW)

Axiom anniversary xx limited edition Matt silver (new)

Axiom Anniversary XX limited edition (33) Matt silver with 5 pin DIN outlet Sale Price £27,900.00 (NEW)

Axiom tonearm black including phono lead rca (new)

Axiom reference tonearm including direct to phono silver lead 1.2m RCA * VTF (vertical tracking force) non touch adjustment: on the fly during play. * SRA adjustment is independent from tonearm height (fixed mounting head) * Dynamic tunable effective moving mass – from 22 gr to 42 gr effective moving mass in fixed mounting version, […]

Monaco Apex Footers

Set of (3) Monaco Apex Footers Set of (3) Apex Levelers Set of (3) Silicon Nitride Balls Sale Price £1,227.00 (Two Sets Available)


We have (2) of these racks available. GRAND PRIX AUDIO Le Mans long wheelbase Isolation System Grand Prix Audio’s three-column isolation system. Two-inch diameter stainless steel columns combine with tapered O-ring decoupled interfaces to create a precision, versatile stackable rack system. Decoupled from the ‘U-Tube’ frames by sorbitan interfaces, they provide a stepped dissipation cascade […]

Lyra Titan i mint condition

Lyra Titan i Our Lyra is back from Expert Stylus & Cartridge Co. Cleaning carried out supplying materials as necessary machining connecting abutment, bonding new Boron Cantilever together with ultra low mass natural Paratrace profile diamond. Sale Price £2,460.00 mint condition

Sounds of silence

Sounds of Silence moving coil cartridge. Sale Price £750.00

Stax electrostatic SR3 headphones including the SRD-5 energiser

Stax electrostatic SR3 headphones including the SRD-5 energiser. Untested and may need restoring. Price £250.00

Purist Audio Design Jade speaker cable 3m pair (new)

Purist Audio Design Jade speaker cable 3m pair (new) PRICE £1,150.00

Purist audio design Jade interconnect rca (new)

Purist Audio Design Jade interconnects RCA 1m pair new. PRICE £499.00

Nagra Classic PSU includes vfs platform

Nagra Classic PSU for sale, in perfect condition includes VFS platform. Comes with all original packaging and selling on behalf of a client. Please contact for more details. PRICE £7,500.00 Price Reduced

Nagra audio dc cables

Nagra Audio DC cables original version in perfect condition. 3 available at 1.25m Sale Price £200.00 each

Nagra spikes for the Classic line set of 4

Nagra spikes for the Classic line set of 4 Price £440.00

Tascam DV-RA1000HD

Tascam DV-RA1000HD Including remote control and original packaging. Price £800.00


Purist Audio Design expands our Luminist Revision, and we are pleased to release the Luminist System Enhancer! The Luminist System Enhancer uses additional algorithms designed for the new metallurgies used in our products. We also updated algorithms for the variety of new components used in today’s equipment. All while reducing the break-in time from 24 […]

Diamond Revision HDMI (1.2m) new

The Diamond Revision HDMI is a significant upgrade over the Luminist Revision HDMI cable. We have spent over a year of research and development to improve the audio and video performance of our HDMI cable, and make it more flexible! One of the first major improvements is the Diamond Revision HDMI Cables support all High […]

Luminist Revision 25th Anniversary digital AES/EBU cable

Purist Audio Design Luminist Revision 25th Anniversary digital AES/EBU cable, 1.5m and in perfect condition. Originally retailed at Sale Price £2,640.00 Originally retailed at £4,800.00

Focal Arche headphone amplifier

AN ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION FOR HEADPHONES Manufactured in France, Arche is a unique electronic solution which combines a digital-analog converter as well as two pure class A amplification modes designed especially for headphones. Ideal to sit between the digital sources and your audiophile headphones, Arche is the perfect solution to fully enjoy your headphones, whilst benefiting […]

Purist Audio design Corvus (ex-demo)

Purist Audio Design Ex-demo Luminist Revision Corvus A/C power cable (3m). Terminated with WG 350au EVO and UK 3 pin Furutech plug. All in perfect condition. Sale Price Reduced £1,173.00

Purist audio design corvus phono din-rca (new)

Purist audio design corvus phono DIN-RCA (new) Price £1,732.50

Amari RW-600 (new)

Amari RW-600 rcm (New) Price £1,200.00


Esoteric 25th Anniversary Box (sealed) Ludwig van Beethoven The Nine Symphonies ESSE-90061(Disc 1): Symphony No.1 in C major, Op.21 Symphony No.3 in E flat major, Op.55 “Eroica” ESSE-90062(Disc 2): Symphony No.4 in B flat major, Op.60 Symphony No.5 in C minor, Op.67 ESSE-90063(Disc 3): Symphony No.2 in D major, Op.36 Symphony No.6 in F major, […]

AYRE ACOUSTICS – DX-7 (ex-demo)

Ayre DX-7 CD/DVD Player Sale Price £1,600.00

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