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Multiple Power Supply.
The Nagra MPS is a multiple power supply designed to power up to four Nagra units at once, as well as the BPS compact phono preamplifier. The Nagra MPS power supply comes in a stand-alone aluminium case which adopts the same size and form as the brand’s other electronics. Particularly useful for use with the HD DAC, which requires two power supplies, the MPS offers constant noiseless power for multiple elements. Specially intended for the BPS and VPS phono stages, an optional Li-ion battery can be installed on one output to deliver a pure power source.

Optional Li-ion battery.
Each output possesses its own ultra low noise regulatory circuit which ensures perfect voltage stability under all circumstances. One of the outputs (No. 1) has also been designed to accept an optional rechargeable battery in order to power a phono preamplifier such as the Nagra VPS, for example, in total silence, the unit being completely isolated from the mains.
Retails at £6,350.00

Sale Price £5,080.00

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