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Whether in a concert hall or a studio, Nagra is the ultimate yardstick for professional sound recordists seeking to make a recording as close to the original as possible. With Nagra CD players, you are able to enjoy this sound, reproduced with perfect integrity, on your own system in the comfort of your listening room. Nagra CD players set new standards of precision, accuracy and robustness, by the application of a range of solutions aimed at preventing any deterioration in the signal, all the way from reading the data on the disc to final output from the unit.

Special in-depth analysis and adaptation has been implemented to solve problems of synchronisation drift (jitter), which typically affects even the best devices, and the results obtained are spectacular. An equally rigorous approach has been applied to the construction of circuits, the choice of components and production tolerances. Design consistency ensures exceptional quality. Great, authentic Nagra sound: a quality which is immediately visible or rather, audible. Never before have CD players reached such levels of clarity, sharpness and natural sound.

The front-loading mechanism is designed with aviation technology giving an excellent stability to the transport and reliability second-to-none. The playback module is mounted securely in the CD drawer. It makes use of custom design silent-block to ensure a perfect protection from vibration, either generated by the CD itself or by the acoustic waves in the room. The performance offered by this precision driver ensures that the CD is read with perfect reliability. The digital signal path is entirely treated at the 44’100Hz frequency avoiding the possibility of introducing parasitic interference through up-sampling techniques. Comes with power supply, remote control, manual and original packaging.

Sale Price £8,995.00 ex-demo

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