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LFD Phonostage MC-2

The phonostage MC-2 have been designed as dedicated RIAA equalisation stages for Moving Coil cartridges only. A separate power supply enclosure is employed to reduce hum pick up from mains transformers and provides a greater degree of flexibility in positioning.

A low output impedance allows even long interconnect cables to be used. Both phonostages use similar topologies, but the MC2 utilises custom made passives and a floating input bias scheme similar to the State-of-the-art Battery Disc preamplifier.

Special Features

• Separate PCB for each channel
• Zero overall feedback
• Star Earthing
• Dedicated PC-OCC wiring
• Independent L/R power supplies

Phonostage Specification

Gain at 1kHz = 68dB(MC1) 69dB(MC2)
Output Impedance = 12R
Input Load 1= 50R(MC1) and 120R(MC2)
Bandwidth = 7Hz-70kHz
Size = 300mm x 360mm x 70mm
PSU size = 220mm x 300mm x 68mm

Sale Price £900.00 obo

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