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Audio Research LS-5 Mk.II finished in black. Just had a full service and all okay. Sorry there is no original packaging.

Be assured: The LS5 MarkII stereo line-level preamplifier from Audio Research is no mere nostalgic nod to the past. Rather, it represents a significant advance in the technology of vacuum-tube amplification as applied to the retrieval and transmission of meaningful musical information from any input source, analog or digital. The difference is one you will hear immediately in your music system-and never forget. The technology making this all possible includes a sophisticated, fully regulated power supply using patented Decoupled Electrolytic Capacitor circuits; fully balanced, cross-coupled, all-vacuum-tube amplification stages; and switch-selectable gain allowing a wider range of useful volume control settings with different input sources. All this, plus the harmonic richness and timbral magic of dual-triode vacuum tubes. From the manufacturer with 25 years of experience in bringing recorded music to life. If ever there has been a preamplifier that will markedly-even astoundingly- improve the performance of any deserving audio system, the LS5 MarkII is it. You’ll hear your favorite music as though illuminated from within, played specially for you. Intimate. Profound. Lasting. The way music was meant to be experienced, and remembered.

The LS5MKII confirms once again the sonic leadership of Audio Research in the arena of preamplifier design. Combining the most advanced, fully differential circuit topology with dual-triode vacuum tube gain and solid-state regulation, the LS5MKII is a remarkable performer. One look at the chassis back panel of the LS5MKII tells you this is no ordinary line preamp. An imposing array of six sets of professional-grade XLR input connectors, plus three sets of XLR output connectors, clearly proclaims the fully-balanced circuit design of the LS5MKII. This uncompromising approach means the LS5MKII can utilize the benefits of fully differential operation (along with Audio Research’s proprietary cross-coupling) to minimize noise and reduce susceptibility to externally-induced RF noise as well.

The result is a startling ability to portray even the finest acoustic details and dynamic contrasts against a velvety background. Meanwhile, the rugged, linear operation of the ten dual-triode 6922 tubes provide 30 dB of overall gain. When used in conjunction with the Audio Research PH2 phono preamplifier, a total of 78 dB of gain is available, sufficient for the great majority of today’s finest moving-coil cartridges. Meanwhile, a front-panel toggle allows the gain to be reduced to 12 dB for use with high-output digital processors, high-sensitivity amplifiers or ultra-efficient loudspeakers. (The Audio Research DAC2 digital converter may be used with either gain setting.) The selectable high-low gain of the LS5MKII gives the user optimal flexibility for best sonics with any input source.

The power supply of the LS5MKII employs the latest FET technology for maximum stability and tight regulation of amplification stages under all operating conditions. A low-noise toroidal transformer, coaxial capacitors and Audio,Research’s patented decoupling capacitor circuits (DECs) all contribute to tremendous dynamic control and powerhouse bass extension and impact. The LS5MKII is truly at home under all musical conditions. And, to enable proper connection of input sources having only single-ended outputs, ask your dealer about the Audio Research BL2-a selectable-input balanced line driver which allows you derive a balanced signal from up to five single-ended sources, plus built-in tape handling capability. Thanks to the BL2’s high input impedance and low output impedance, your favorite sources will sound their absolute best when feeding a signal to the LS5MKII. While the professional industry and re- cording studios have used balanced operation and connections as a standard for many years, the consumer electronics industry is only now gradually adapting its products to this superior format. With the LS5MKII, you will be ready to take advantage of the latest balanced-output sources as they become available, yet you can enjoy its remarkable sonic abilities today.

Sale Price £2,200.00

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