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the astron …….. a cartridge which represents the selected very best of the archon production series. The most cartefully selected archons – picked for homogenous frequency response and extremely close matching channels – are transferred into the special housing featuring a constellar pattern handcrafted with pure 24kt Gold inlays.

Inside the astron features additional dampening in 3 important points for advanced resonance control and an extra “quietness” in sonic background.

The astron is a limited edition high performance cartridge by nature.
Only 18 samples are made each year – only 18 astrons do feature the same star pattern on the Timet 1100 body.

The “Capricorn” is sold out.
The “Lion” is currently available in very limited numbers.

These are the “best of the best” of the archon – taken to new sonic heights and fine-tuned to the utmost.
Creating a cartridge which may well be viewed by many as the best possible choice for listening to classical music.

The astron gives a sonic picture as if you were the music supervisor.
Being relaxed, supreme and alway in easy control – pushing one to listen endlessly.

Price £4,780.00

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