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The signal-to-noise ratio of the output stage boasts an impressive 145 dB (not weighted)! A number rarely reached by DACs at any price level. The output section is based on class A discrete transistor topology. It includes no less than 9 matched transistors, of military and high-end origins, per channel.

The Nagra CLASSIC DAC features a built-in mains power supply that offers excellent performance, but this can be further improved by the use of the Nagra MPS full-chassis power supply, though a 12 V DC Lemo connector. The power supply has also been carefully designed and includes no less than 25 dedicated internal power supplies. In typical Nagra way, each stage is carefully decoupled to ensure the best performance. The Nagra CLASSIC DAC will be available in April 2016.


Outputs RCA and XLR outputs
Inputs Nagra USB input module
Digital Inputs 2x S/PDIF (RCA and BNC), 1x AES-EBU, 1x TOSlink, 1x I2S Nagra digital input

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